PECO started manufacturing Electricity Transmission Line Towers in 1964. The company has the advantage of having all in house facilities for production of towers, i.e. steel re-rolling, fabrication, galvanising,designing and testing. No other company in Pakistan has complete range of in house facilities for production of transmission line towers under one roof. The product line consists of 11 KV, 132 KV, 220 KV and 500 KV transmission line towers. PECO is the only company in Pakistan which produces 500 KV transmission line towers. PECO has in house computer aided design and drafting facilities. A large number of design engineers and drafting personnel, highly experienced in relevant fields are engaged in designing the economical designs of Transmission Line towers and Switch Yard Structures for any level of voltage between 11 KV to 500 KV. PECO has also design facilities for Microwave Guy Rope Antennas, Telecommunication Towers, Self supported towers and a large variety of steel structures such as gantries, girders, factory sheds etc. PECO has also got arrangements with reputed international organizations for designing and testing of prototype towers before manufacturing.