After take over by the Government in the year 1972 under the economic reforms, it was renamed as Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO). The areas focused after take over were Steel Making where three Electric Are Furnaces of 10 tons each, Steel Rolling Mills to roll bigger size steel angles were added in line with future trends. Modern laboratory for Mechanical, Chemicals, Non-Destructive Tests etc. equipped with Universal Tensile Testing, Hardness Brielle & Rockwell, 32 Channels Direct Emission Spectrometer for analysis of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous base metals, Carbon & Sulphur Determination, Metallographic, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Magnetic Particle Separator was also setup.

For better precision, state of the art CNC machines for Punching, Marking & Shearing of Steel angles of size upto 200 mm along with CNC machine for plate punching up to thickness of 40 mm and Hydraulic plate punching, shearing of Billet, Bars of different shapes, steel angles of various sizes, cup cutting were also installed in the years 1983 and 2007. The company is qualified for manufacturing electricity transmission towers up to 500 KV. Three Hot dip Galvanizing Plants are installed to cope up with the increase in production capacity of transmission towers. The annual assessed production capacity of steel structures on single shift basis is now 30,000 tons.

Design office was also setup for in house designing of its regular products and special jobs. The design office is equipped with latest computer aided design and drafting facilities. Highly experienced design engineers in relevant field are available for continuous improvement in designing. Arrangements with reputable international design organizations are available for economical and latest technology based designing.

The Government considered various plans for its revival and it was decided in the year 2002 to re structure the company. Under the approved plan, all machines, equipment, steel sheds were shifted from old Badami Bagh Works to Kot Lakhpat Works to consolidate at one place, where ample space of 150 acres is still available for further expansion. Products of obsolete technology, obsolete machines / equipment, low technology products such as Machine Tools, Power Looms, Bicycle were closed down.

In the year 2003, the Corporate Structure of the company was changed. Some portion of the Government shares was off loaded through stock exchanges to have a Private – Public partnership in order to manage the company operations in more efficient manner. Thus private shareholding increased to 67% and Government Share holding 33%. The private share holders elected directors therefore got effective role, which has resulted in improving efficiency in all areas.

In house foundry is also available to produce castings of Pumps, Electric Motors and Machine Tools. It is in the process of up gradation to cater for high quality castings for Tractors and Auto Sector.

The Company is also producing Electric Motors for our own use and market. The technology is of NEUMANN U.K. The types and range of Motors is as below:-

Drip Proof Squirrel Cage, 3 Phase 400 V 1-75 HP, 1000, 1500 & 3000 RPM
Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled, Squirrel Cage, 3 Phase, 400 V 1 – 50 HP, 1000, 1500 & 3000 RPM
Drip proof, Vertical Hollow Shaft, Squirrel Cage, 3 Phase, 400 V 10-150 HP, 1500 & 3000 RPM
Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled,Squirrel Cage, Vertical Hollow Shaft, 3 Phase, 400 V 10,15,20,80 & 150 HP 1500, 720 & 960 RPM
Naturally Cooled, Squirrel Cage, 3 Phase, 400 V 1 – 2 HP
Submersible Motors Type 1218 A/2, 3 Phase, 400 V 15 – 50 HP

All components of Electric Motors are manufactured in house.

The Company is manufacturing Pumps for use in Agriculture, Water supply, Drainage, De-watering, Sugar Industry etc. The Technology was acquired from M/s Jaccuzi, U.S.A. The type and range of Pumps being produced are:-

Centrifugal Pumps:
For Heads: 20 to 300 Ft
Capacity Range: 100 to 1625 IGPM
Submersible Pumps:
For Well Dia: 8  to  12 Inches
Capacity Range: 60 to   1200 IGPM
Deep Well Turbine Pumps:
For Well Dia: 6 to 16 Inches
Capacity Range: 15 to 700 CU M/H
Non Clogging Pumps:
For Heads: 6 to 98 Metres
Capacity Range: 20 – 1000 Cubic Metres

All castings and components of Pumps are manufactured In house

Facilities such as Galvanizing, Steel Rolling and Foundry are under extensive renovation and automation.